Recommended Books and Links

The Scientist in the Crib Alison Gopnik, PhD
Your Self-Confident BabyMagda Gerber
Ages and StagesCharles E. Schafer, MD
A Good Start in LifeNorbert Herschkowitz, MD
What's Going on in There?Lise Eliot, PhD
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective FamiliesSteven R. Covey
Cliques, Phonies, and Other BaloneyTrevor Romain
Bullies are a Pain in the BrainTrevor Romain
The Nature of the ChildJerome Kagan
Temperament Tools: Working with your Child's Inborn traitsHelen Neville and Diane Clark Johnson
Why Gender MattersLeonard Sax
Helping Your Child, the Highly Sensitive ChildElaine N. Aron, PHD
The Worried ChildPaul Foxman, PHD
Helping Children Cope with GriefAlan Wolfeldt
Teaching Your Child to Love LearningJudy Harris Helm


Watch for more recommendations as they become available!

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For information on "American Academy of Pediatrics" click here

For information on "Center for Disease Control" click here

For information on "School scores/ratings and information" click here

For information on "Childhood Obesity" click here

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