Remote Consultations

How to connect to a video or phone consultation with our doctors.

Please note that all remote consultations must be scheduled ahead of time, unless you are directed to this page by one of the doctors.  If you connect here without an appointment you will not be able to connect to one of the doctors.

iPhone or iPad users must use the Safari browser – other browsers will not work.

Android users (Samsung, LG, HTC etc) can use any browser, but the default Chrome is recommended

Read these instructions and then click on the doctors name below:

  1. Click on the link for the doctor you will be connecting to
  2. Enter your name
  3. Click on ‘Check in”
  4. Enable the camera and allow access to camera
  5. If you need help setting up the camera feature of your device, click on the appropriate web site below
  6. You will be checked into your session
  7. The doctor will be online at the assigned time and connect with you.

Connect to your assigned doctor by clicking on their name

Connect with Dr Radis

Connect with Dr Donovan-Hunt

Connect with Dr Varghese

Connect with Dr Shapiro

Connect with Dr Gliksberg

Buffalo Grove Test

Northbrook Test