We have the 2021/22 flu vaccine available.  Call today to schedule your shot



We are not able to provide COVID vaccinations at this time. We recommend you use the community resources available to get your 12 years and older children vaccinated as soon as possible.  Vaccination locator webpage – lists over 1,000 vaccination sites in Illinois

Click here for more COVID-19 information   This is the place to start before you call us. We have information about testing, how to deal with possible symptoms, and other of pertinent information.  We also have regular updates on how we are handling patient visits during the pandemic.  Please note: If your question is not answered on our website, you will most likely need to schedule a consultation with one of our pediatricians during office hours to discuss your concerns in detail.

Video or Phone Conference with a Doctor

Click here for instructions on joining a scheduled video or phone consultation

Online New Patient Registration Form

You will need your insurance information to complete registration.  We will call you to schedule your appointment after registration is complete.  Visit our Insurance Page to see a list of insurance we currently accept.  Give us a call if you do not see your insurance plan, as it may have a slightly different name.

If you are transferring to our practice, please email your child’s immunizations and growth charts to after completing the online patient registration below.

New Patient Registration Form

Patient Record Transfer Requests

Click here to download Medical Record Transfer Request Form  Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for medical record transfer requests.